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FortiCall services were designed specifically for FortiVoice phone systems*. Affordable and reliable, FortiCall is the best way to connect your phone system. FortiCall lines give you unlimited calling in the continental US (excluding Alaska) and Canada (excluding NWT) for only $24.95 per line. Toll-free numbers and international calling also available.

*FortiCall services work with FortiVoice systems and VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch systems.

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FortiCall FAQ

Is international calling available?
Yes. International calling is easy to set up once you create an account.

How much is international calling?
Rates start as low as 1.5¢ per minute, depending on the country, region and whether you’re calling a landline or a cell phone.

Can I have a toll-free number?
Yes. Toll-free numbers are easy to set up once you create an account.

How much is a toll-free number?
Toll-free numbers cost $3.95 per month and 2.9¢ per minute, plus a $2 one-time fee.

How much will it cost to port an existing number?
There is a $9.95 fee from FortiCall to port your number.

Is there a minimum FortiCall purchase?
Yes; two unlimited lines.

Is there an extra fee for emergency services?
No. FortiCall lines include enhanced 911. Your facility and people are safe, and you don’t pay extra.

How much are phone numbers?
One phone number comes with each line. Additional phone numbers are $1 each per month.

Are Direct Inward Dialing numbers available?
Yes. Additional phone numbers are $1 per month, and it’s easy to configure calls to a particular number to go to a particular extension or ring group of the system.

Can I have a phone number outside of my area code?
Yes. You can choose numbers from more than 10,000 areas in the United States and Canada, so it’s easy to offer your customers a ‘local’ phone number wherever you want to.

Can I add or remove lines and numbers myself?
Yes. You can manage your account in the FortiCall web portal, so changing your lines and numbers is no problem. Add more lines during busy times only, use different phone numbers to track promotions or add temporary toll-free lines during special events. FortiCall puts you in the driver’s seat without having to wait for the phone company or pay for technician visits.